“Write drunk, revise sober”, a phrase attributed to famous authors like Peter De Vries and Ernest Hemingway. It polarized the creative community for years. The idea is that being inebriated allows the mind to make connections it might not otherwise make. Some believe there’s a lot of truth to this, others disagree. Whether or not alcohol allows for greater creativity is a polarizing subject, which is now accompanied by the similar question of whether or not cannabis enhances creativity. It’s a contested subject, but there are some strong arguments to suggest that it may be productive for creative minds. 

Researchers have posited that that cannabis consumption may enhance one’s ability to connect unrelated concepts they may not be able to identify while sober, by allowing the mind to think beyond the ordinary and come up with unusual ideas and connections (1). In more scientific terms, it has been found that “cannabis consumption increases cerebral blood flow”, which is associated with increased creativity (3). Doses matter though; lower doses increase creativity, while high doses inhibit creativity. Additionally, it offers a larger creative boost to those who are not already skilled (3). Another reason that researchers believe cannabis aids creativity is that users are usually much more open to new experiences (2), which allows them to be open to more diverse ideas. Part of the creative boost does appear to be scientific, and the other part may have to do with certain personality traits that users share.

“The most personal is the most creative”

Moreover, cannabis has some notable effects on other functions that may lead to greater creativity. Cannabis has been shown to help with focus in low doses, which can help a creative mind sit and do what it needs without distraction (4). It has also been shown to boost memory retrieval, specifically past events that one may not remember sober (i.e. elementary school graduation or 7th birthday). Cannabis also causes users to become quite thoughtful and leads some consumers to look inward. Introspection is often a catalyst to powerful art – “The most personal is the most creative” as Martin Scorsese (or Bong joon ho) would say.   

While there’s no decisive evidence on how cannabis influences creativity, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that it does. From our perspective, like most things, it’s gonna come down to the strains and your own biology. Cannabis isn’t going to turn you into an artist, and there isn’t a “Creative SuperPower” strain out there –  but if you find the right blend it can definitely enhance some of your creative characteristics.
Our personal recommendation? Kushberry Cheesecake by LA Kush, Orange Peels by Emerald Valley, or Strawberry Banana Diamond Sauce by Kaizen Extracts. 

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