In this fast-growing industry, it’s hard to tell the real ones from the fakes. So much of this industry has been about big brands and hype – sometimes it’s even deafening. We choose to focus on the long road. As we continue to grow, we wanted to create this blog as a way to keep our customers and Club Libra members informed on all things Libra, but also to give you a sense of the way our organization thinks and feels about the industry and the products you consume.  

Our goal is to create a balance between deep research, insider product knowledge, reviews, and just some great stuff to read while you’re stoned. 

We started off in a garage, as a small craft cannabis shop in the medical days – servicing downtown San Diego and two surrounding beach communities. The founders shared a common passion for quality cannabis and when full legalization came to California, they decided to focus on developing a multi-store effort in the Coachella Valley. Fast forward 4 years and here we are, with 2 busy locations and a 3rd one on it’s way. 

From the very beginning it’s always been about the one-on-one approach. Cannabis is such a personal drug, we believed the only way to keep a loyal client base was to consistently recommend products that matched the exact experience they were going for. That’s why we committed to ensuring every one of our budristas are CPST certified. We also pride ourselves in our open-concept retail stores – we want this to feel like every other purchase you make during your day (maybe just a bit more cool). 

In the early days, our company was called HOTN (Healing of the Nation). Though the company name has changed, our core values remain. Now we’re able to provide premium products to a wider variety of people with two state permitted cannabis shops.

Libra represents balance. In the ravenous consumer society we live in today, products are over-consumed, mislabeled, and over produced. This has turned buzzwords like “craft” and “artisanal” into nonsense. Libra wants to simplify cannabis. We cherish cannabis for its recreational and medicinal benefits. Our goal as a company is to help clients find a product that restores harmony to their lives and delivers substantial flavor and potency. In a fast paced and ever-changing industry, we are looking to define a standard for premium cannabis by delivering a consistent variety of high-quality products and a tailored experience every step of the way. At Libra, you can trust your Budrista will know their facts. You won’t find just another product at Libra – our goal is to help you find clarity, escape, relief and balance. 

Libra offers a free one-on-one private cannabis consultation with one of our certified Budristas. All of our staff receive a (CPST) Certification, which allows each Budrista to be able to ask the correct qualifying questions to uncover your cannabis needs and make recommendations based on your needs.