Vaping seems to be much more than a trend, and has become many consumer’s preferred method of smoking. There are two different avenues to accomplish this, vaporizers and vape pens. One of our favorite products is the Pax 3, a compact vaporizer from Pax. This component is sleek, portable, and discrete. While vaporizers are not as easy to conceal as vape pens, they offer a variety of features that make them worth the extra bulk.

Due to their larger build, vaporizers can house more complex heating systems. These systems allow for the vaporizer to create a much smoother and more flavorful vapor. 

Why Pax 3?

Of all the vaporizers out there, why choose Pax 3? One of the main reasons is that they were at the forefront of the vaporizer industry, releasing the first portable loose-leaf vaporizer in 2012. They completely changed the game, replacing bulky vaporizers with a sleek and compact device.

The Pax 3 is a dual vaporizer, you can use it for both flower and concentrates. It is also perfect for our tech crowd. You can connect your Pax 3 via Bluetooth to your phone, which gives you complete control of the temperature settings. 

Temperature Settings

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The Pax 3 operates with conduction heating, which heats your products evenly and slowly. Unlike other vaporizers, this one has completely customizable temperature settings for more experienced users. You can tailor your experience using heat control. If you’re new to vaporizers and don’t feel comfortable messing around with the heat settings, you can use their presets. The Pax 3 has four different heat settings: standard, stealth, boost, flavor, and efficiency. 


The Pax 3 is quick to start, with a heat up time of 22 seconds. It minimizes the wait time so you can enjoy quality vapor quickly. It also has a long lasting charge that allows 8-10 sessions per charge. They also provide an incredible 10-year warranty! 

The product itself has a smooth, compact design. The Pax 3 comes in five beautiful colors: black, rose gold, silver, fuschia, and teal. 

You can purchase just the device or you can purchase the Pax 3 complete kit, which includes a half pack oven lid, concentrate insert, multi-tool, and three screens. The difference in price? The device on it’s own is $200, for an extra $50 you can have the complete Pax 3 kit.