With the modernization of the cannabis industry, there are constantly new and innovative products being released. There’s nothing wrong with smelling beautifully dank, but now we have so many choices thanks to these new products that are gorgeous, sleek, and high-tech. Here are our top 10 products that are totally worth the investment. 

Stash Jar

These are indubitably the best way to store your flower. Stash Jars are glass, airtight containers that come in a variety of sizes. This method is way better than just using plastic bags for your stash. These jars protect your products and keep them fresh. You can purchase stash jars basically anywhere including here at Libra! While you can find stash jars at a pretty low price, we recommend investing in more expensive jars. The more expensive ones, like the ones we carry, have a silicone wrap that protects the jar from breaking. You don’t have to worry about breaking your jars if you invest. You are already buying great weed, keep it great by storing it in a jar that you can depend on.

Premium Portable 

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Dabbing on the go used to be quite a challenge, but new technology continues to innovate the portable dabbing experience. An incredible, dependable, and portable rig is the Puffco Peak. The Puffco Peak has changed the dab rig game by making rigs shareable and mobile. The rig is small enough to use one-handed and pass around to friends. It’s small design also makes it easily portable. The Puffco Peak is a high performance rig that produces quality vapor every time. Not sold? Click here for more information on one of our all time favorite pieces.

Premium Rig

Grav Labs offers a variety of premium rigs that are gorgeous and worth the investment. While they do offer more affordable rigs, the pricier ones have better features that result in that pure, tasty milk. If you enjoy bongs, these are definitely worth the investment. Grav Labs has two different rig types: water pipes and bubblers. Check out this link for a more in-depth look at the amazing products Grav Labs has to offer.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

What better investment than the piece that changed the market? The Pax 3 changed the vaporizer game by creating the first portable device. While they started out with a vaporizer that could only be used for flowers, the Pax 3 is a dual vaporizer that can be used for flowers and concentrates. If you’re looking for a sleek, compact, portable vaporizer, the Pax 3 is the best investment to make. The Pax 3 has so many cool features that we explore more in depth here.

Dab Torch

Torches are a necessary accessory for anyone who uses a rig because they allow for safe, consistent heating. This is the one product that is most important to invest in because they operate with butane lighter fluid, which is highly flammable, so it’s important to not skimp when looking for a torch. There are so many different options for dab torches out there, which makes it easy to customize your smoking experience. Our recommendation is the top-reviewed dab torch, Blazer Big Shot, which retails for around $90.

 Vape Battery

Are you an on-the-go smoker? You might want to consider investing in a high-quality vape battery. By investing in a battery, you can ensure that your vape stays charged and provides more quality smoke sessions than a less expensive battery. The more expensive vape batteries stay charged longer, have a better burning mechanism, and have way more options to match with your aesthetic.

Bean Bag

Alright, here me out. I know these are not cannabis related, but what better than having a big, soft, plump chair to slump down into when that high kicks in? Bean bags are great because you can just sink into them and they are super comfortable to sit in for hours. These are definitely worth an investment, just imagine getting perfectly stoned and sliding into a gentle euphoria. Love Sac offers some amazing, quality bean bags that are perfect to sink into.

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Rubber Mouthpiece

Investing in a good rubber mouthpiece is super important if you want incredible vapor. Mouthpieces create the purest smoke by filtering out toxins, resins, and contaminants. They produce a safer vapor excellent for superior high. Rubber mouthpieces are also ideal for bong sharers because they protect against germs and bacteria, resulting in a much safer way to share. Moose Labs’s whimsical MouthPeace comes in a variety of colors to customize your smoke sesh. 

 Jetty Dablicator 

If you’re into dabbing, the Jetty Dablicator is the perfect item to invest in. The Dablicator takes the guesswork out of product measurements by incorporating a very simple twist design to extract the perfect amount of product. They are not only more precise and less messy than syringes, they’re also way more versatile. The Dablicator extracts exactly 1ml of product every single time, making it easy for you to take a dab, twax up a joint or simply top off your bowl.  

Otto Automatic Joint Roller

Not into the super high tech rigs, dabs, and vapes? There is still a great way for you to invest in traditional, hand-rolled joints. Banana Brothers offers an amazing product called Otto. This is an amazing two-in-one product that will grind your products to a perfect size AND roll it for you. No more sticky fingers, poorly packed joints, and uneven weed. This product puts the work in to give you the perfect joint every time. If rolled joints are your game, step it up and invest in this incredible product.

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