Puffco Peak is a sleek and lightweight dab that every fan of concentrates should consider. Though the selling point is steep, it’s worth every penny.

What is a Puffco Peak?

This vaporizer is almost a work of art with its clean, conical design. The Puffco Peak is compact and slim, perfect for on the go dabbing. It is also a great piece for some of our more impatient stoners, it heats up quicker than less expensive dab rigs and it charges in only two hours — no more waiting for your next high. Need to stow it away? No problem, it is small enough to store pretty much anywhere.

Why Puffco?

This piece is super easy to use and produces quality vapor every time. It also allows for some quality round table smoking, thanks to its compact design you can pass it around with ease. The Puffco Peak is also super easy to maintain and clean out. 

Another great reason to buy the Puffco Peak is safety. The rig has a ceramic bottom to protect your hand from the high temperatures. All of the functions on the rig are also placed in a way that makes it damn near impossible to accidentally put your hand on the heated parts. The Puffco Peak also has preset heat temperatures and adjusts itself automatically so that your product never gets too hot.

Oh, did we mention it’s fully electronic? No need to light it up, everything is automatic. This is part of why the start up time is minimal, it only takes 20-30 seconds for it to be completely ready. Not only is it quick, but it’s consistent. The automatic temperature calibration makes it so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining a specific heat, it does it for you.

How do I use it?

The Puffco Peak can be used in two different ways. You can either put the concentrate in when the rig is already heated up or you can toss it in and wait for the rig to hit peak temperature. You can use this piece on your own or you can share it with others! One of the unique things about this dab is that it’s easy to pass around and share with friends.

Why Invest?

The same reason you invest in quality cannabis products, they’re better. If you’re already buying great concentrates, why put it in a subpar rig that won’t perform as well? Don’t settle for anything other than this quality dab that will do your concentrate justice and produce a quality smoke sesh everytime.