Orgasms. Specifically, female orgasms. For reasons beyond my comprehension, this subject matter has been pushed into the shadows, shuttered up with boards, and nailed in for good measure. Whenever the conversation comes up, it usually gets shut down just as quickly. This is such a shame because it is such an important part of intimacy, but it seems hardly anyone is willing to put in the effort to understand or achieve female orgasms.

The focus has always been on men and how ladies can help the climax. This as an antiquated way to see sex that stems from our deeply patriarchal values as a society. As a young adult, I remember seeing all the women’s magazines with catch lines on the front that read “5 moves to drive him wild” or something along those lines. Never once did I see anything about how to make sure I felt pleasured and I got what I wanted out of sex. From my experience, basically every woman my age grew up with the same belief: our pleasure comes last, if ever. I see this as deeply problematic. Why should I have to be a pillow princess that lies there with the sole purpose of making sure my partner achieves orgasm without worrying about myself? To be blunt, it’s horse sh*t. 

I have been excited to see that women are beginning to claim their pleasure and are being vocal about their needs. Women are allowing themselves to come into their sexual self and that is so exciting. One of the things that I think has helped and will continue to help women feel comfortable with sexual expression is exploring cannabis use during sex. Cannabis use can help in a few ways:

  1. Use Before Sex

Cannabis is known for its variety of effects, the main ones I want to touch on are the sedative and euphoric qualities. If you are someone who is anxious or uncomfortable before sex, cannabis might be something you’d like to consider adding to you repertoire. It can ease your nerves and put your body into a state of relaxation that will allow you to let go and sink into your pleasure. 

It’s also something that works great for people looking to spice up their sex life. It lowers inhibitions and you may be more willing to engage in sexual fantasies you wouldn’t have felt comfortable expressing. It can help you lower your walls and be comfortable with yourself or with a partner. 

There are certain terpenes within different strains of cannabis that elucidate certain effects. For more information on the terpene and strain specifics check out our blog post, Strains that Stimulate.

  1. During Sex

There are a ton of fun cannabis-infused lubricants out there for every sexual scenario. Foria offers a line of products that can help relieve pain, help with lubrication, take the chafing out of latex, or just spice up your game a little. Lubricant is an important part of sex or even just self-exploration. Although vaginas are self-lubricating, sometimes they just miss the mark. It’s not an exact science and it’s not the same every time. Using lubricants can help sex be way more enjoyable and is a great way to coax your partner into some tasteful foreplay.

How do cannabis based lubricants differ from regular lubricants? Regular ones do exactly what they say, lubricate. Cannabis-based lubricants enhance the sexual experience by stimulating the vagina with THC. THC stimulation enhances sensation in ways that regular lubricants just can’t.

Cannabis infused lubricants can definitely empower women and help achieve that ultimate goal. It’s a great way to spice things up, whether you’re flying solo or with a co-pilot. As with everything, make sure you communicate with your partner about what’s right for you and what feels comfortable to use. Be sure to communicate your sexual desires and needs as well. Lubricants can take you a step closer, but communication will take you there.