If you smoke Stiiizy vapes, you probably already know about their new line of Liiit flowers. We’ve been selling Stiiizy vapes for awhile now, and so many of you love them. It only made sense to get Liiit too. 


As we’ve grown, we’ve become more particular about the brands we choose to put on our shelves. Our customers expect the best from Libra, and the brands we partner with should deliver that. The Stiiizy Pink Acai Hybrid is delicious, indoor grown and decently priced at $55, making it a perfect addition to our flower lineup. 


Stiiizy is known for their vapes. They’ve built a cult following around their unique product and their ability to produce huge clouds. They’re also great for that level, daily high that so many consumers are looking for. 

Liiit flowers are just a great addition to the lineup from a brand everyone is talking about. 

Enjoy some euphoria this weekend, these flowers are perfect for any plans you might have for the 4th of July! Liiit provides a cerebral high that would pair great with fireworks and a (social distancing) BBQ. 

Staff Review

You already know our mission is to curate a perfectly balanced menu. Part of that means having our staff try new products before they hit the shelves. This week they tried out Stiiizy’s Circa strain, which is sativa dominant, testing at 27.65% THC. They said, “It’s a lengthy high. It hits hard right away and stays that way for the duration of your high, but you won’t feel sluggish when you come down.” 

They recommend Liit to anyone looking to change up their terpene profile (Circa has a strong limonene profile) or for those looking for that cerebral high. Our staff said, “It takes you to your happy place without creating anxious thoughts or feelings.”

Overall, our staff gave Liit Circa an 8/10.

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