Of course when you think of Coachella Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is Coachella Music Festival, but the Valley is so much more than that. Coachella Valley has a variety of amazing things to do and see, which we couldn’t possibly list all of them, so we settled for ten.

  1. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

One of the most popular attractions in the Valley is the Tramway. The Tramway provides breathtaking 360 degree views of Palm Springs. It’s a great way to take in the unique landscape of the area.

  1. The Thermal Club

This is an incredible club for all our socialites out there. It’s an exclusive country club with a twist. Instead of vast wineries or luxurious golf courses you get 5.1 miles of pristine track that you can race on! It’s all the perks of a country club with a selling point that you can’t find anywhere else.

  1. Joshua Tree

This National Park is among the most beautiful, named for the unique trees native to the area. Joshua Tree is special because it is where two deserts meet, which leads to a unique and diverse ecosystem. It’s ecosystem and unique trees create an unbeatable view. 

  1. The Hood Bar and Pizzeria

Looking for a cool place to kick up your feet and enjoy a hot pie or a crisp brew? You definitely need to check out the Hood. Not only can you enjoy quality drinks and food, they also run live events several nights a week to entertain their guests. 

  1. The Date Shed

This is a super unique nightclub and lounge that mixes modern elements with fun elements of the 70s. It’s a place where music lovers can come to enjoy both local and touring bands.

  1. The Living Desert

The Living Desert is a botanical garden and zoo that aims to do their part promoting education and conservation. The Living Desert has a number of interactive exhibits including: feeding giraffes, behind the scenes tours, hiking trails, and animal encounters. This is a great place for a family outing or for those in awe of nature to enjoy.

  1. San Andreas Fault Line

This is an active fault line that is visible above the ground. The fault has created a unique landscape of ridges and valleys that are incredible to explore. There are a variety of Jeep Tours to choose from that explore the area and give insight into the history surrounding the area.

  1. Balloon Above the Desert

Balloons Above offers hot air balloon rides above Palm Springs and Coachella Valley. This is a great way to take in incredible, sweeping views of the area.

  1. Pioneertown  

Pioneertown was founded by Hollywood investors looking to bring the Old West back to life. Unlike other places like this, it’s not all just building and facades you can’t enter. There are also a number of buildings you can enter and enjoy things like: an ice cream parlor,a  bowling alley, and a motel. 

  1. Libra

Coachella Valley is all about chill vibes and hanging out in the great outdoors. What better way to enhance that experience than premium cannabis? Libra is a local cannabis shop focused on bringing you a perfectly balanced and curated menu. Not only that, but they stay up to date with trends and provide modern products for every type of user.