Generally speaking, when I think of coffee and cannabis I think of two entirely different effects. Coffee is uplifting and energizing, while cannabis tends to be sedating. What if I told you that mixing them actually enhanced your high?

Why It Works

Not much research has been done on this subject, which means we can speculate, but not confirm. Early research has shown that drinking small amounts of coffee after smoking may enhance your high, which is great news for all our early morning stoners! You won’t have to use as much as your product, making it last longer than it typically would. 

It has also been shown that caffeine and cannabis influence the same regions of the brain. This may explain why using them together enhances the overall experience.

One thing that is vital to note is that, if you choose to combine caffeine and cannabis, you should do so with a lot less product than you would typically use. You shouldn’t be drinking a full cup of coffee and then smoking your typical amount, tone it down for the best effect and also to minimize any risks. 

Recipes We Love

We know that most people don’t have access to fancy coffee machines and that a daily run to Starbucks may not be in your budget. That’s why we wanted to compile a list of fun, flavorful recipes that you can make at home without gauging your wallet.

  1. Whipped Coffee

I’m sure by now that most of you have heard about this coffee. It gained sweeping popularity on TikTok and has quickly become a favorite for coffee enthusiasts. The great news is, it’s simple and won’t cost much!

Here’s what you’ll need: water, sugar, instant coffee, milk, and ice. Simple as that. The water, sugar, and instant coffee are a 1:1:1 ratio. For example, if you use three tablespoons of water, you’ll use three tablespoons of sugar and instant coffee. This means you can customize to meet your needs.

You’ll combine all three ingredients in a bowl and mix it until it becomes fluffy. Enjoy over your milk and ice! You can either mix it in or leave it as is.

  1. Cold Brew

This coffee seems to be everyone’s new way to consume cold coffee. Cold brew is great for those of us that need a little extra jolt. The way cold brew is made leads to maximum caffeine and minimal bitterness. 

Cold brew is actually way easier to make than you would think, although it does take a lot longer than typical coffee recipes.

To make cold brew at home, you’ll add coffee grounds to a pitcher and fill it with water. Now you just have to leave that to steep overnight. You’ll need about ⅓  cup of coffee and 1 ½ cups water. 

In the morning you’ll need to filter out all the grounds, which can be done using a sieve and a coffee filter. 

  1. Frappuccino 

We know you’re out there frap lovers! This one is fun to experiment with, especially on those hot desert mornings. Get some flavor inspo from your local coffee shops, or stick to the basics like banana, chocolate and vanilla.

The basic ingredients are: ice, strong coffee, milk, and sugar. 

Play around, find your signature summer drink.

Products We Recommend

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis with your coffee, and so many different pairings. Here are some of our current favorites: (Updated June, 2020)

  1. Tinctures

These are a great way to infuse your coffee, or simply place under the tongue before your first sip of the morning. Because of the “whole plant” formula found in top tier tinctures like Papa & Barkley 1:3, these give you a whole body experience and a boost to your endocannabinoid system. We find that tea and tinctures make a much better infusion, strong teas seem to enhance the taste and provide a very energetic buzz.

  1. Vapes

So much attention in the vape category has been devoted to taste. Brands like Sherbinskis and Stiiizy have developed a lineup of delicious flavors that cover a wide range of the flavinoid spectrum, delivering incredible profiles from earthy and spicy, to citrusy sweet. This really gives you unlimited pairing options: our favorite right now is the Stiiizy Sour Tangie and an Iced Green Tea.

  1. Blunt

In our humble opinion, nothing beats a coffee and a blunt. The way you pair is important here. If you want to enhance your coffee flavor, use a milder flower and more natural wrap. If you want to enhance the cannabis flavor, go with a strong OG and keep the coffee simple, like an Iced Americano.

Combining cannabis and coffee is a fun way to get creative with your experiences. You can change products, doses, and flavors to match the experience you’re looking for.