With the modernization of cannabis, vaping is becoming the new fan favorite. Vape pens are discrete, portable, and customizable. They also provide a way to carry a variety of strains and flavors with you because the cartridges are small. Cartridges take out the mess and hassle of grinding and packing flowers without losing the flavor and potency. We know that there have been concerns about vape safety, we want to address this and the developments that have been happening to make vapes way safer for their users.


In this article, we will be referencing cartridges frequently. Cartridges are the oil filled capsules that are inserted into vape pens to create the vapor you inhale. Usually cartridges are filled with anywhere from a half gram to a full gram and they come in a variety of strains. Cartridges are also packed with way more flavor than flowers usually are and they come in a huge variety of flavors.

Cartridges do have a few drawbacks. Generally, the high you get from using cartridges lasts for a shorter period of time. You also have to rely on the battery life of your vape. If your battery runs out and you don’t have a way to charge it then you’re out of luck.

Safety Concerns

As with many things in this market, it is important that you are purchasing your vape pens from a reliable source. Purchasing from an unlicensed retailer can leave you open to some dangerous impurities. Unlicensed retailers are not regulated and are not held to the same standards as licensed retailers. These unlicensed products are incredibly dangerous and can lead to several issues with your lungs including pneumonia. Typically, the danger involved in cartridges are the additives and solvents used in them. The most commonly used solvent is Vitamin E, which can cause serious problems with the cartridge. The safest way to purchase vapes and cartridges will always be from a licensed retailer.

The concern that you have probably seen in the media is exploding vape batteries. There have been several news stories about batteries exploding and causing serious injuries or even death. Like cartridges, dangerous batteries are often a result of unregulated batteries being distributed by unlicensed retailers. 


There have been new regulations put into place in some states that put stricter regulations on cartridges. The oil put into cartridges now have to undergo stricter review to ensure there are no dangerous additives. Although current regulations do not require testing for and eliminating Vitamin E, most dispensaries in California have voluntarily started adding Vitamin E to their tests.

Vape batteries sold by licensed retailers have become much safer. Recently, more regulations have been put into place with more stringent testing standards to ensure that batteries are safe. Many companies have also begun installing safety features in their pens that can protect against overcharging and overheating. 

The culprit responsible for explosions is most frequently the 18650 battery. This is easily circumvented by using different batteries. Most cannabis retailers do not use this kind of battery any longer.

Our Favorites


One of our favorite pens and cartridges are the ones we source from Napalm. Napalm has your safety in mind, always! They triple test their cartridges according to California CAT 3 standards. They also do not use any cutting agents in their oils, which are the main products that make oils dangerous. Without cutting agents, Napalm ensures their products are as safe as possible. Napalm batteries are also manufactured by a certified facility to ensure battery safety. 

Napalm vape pens and oil cartridges are perfect for your daily smoking needs. The strains they carry offer a light sedative effect that leave you relaxed, yet functional. You can enjoy the feeling of a deep high without being couch bound. According to our staff, “It hits behind the eyes initially, but settles into a nice calm relaxing. It doesn’t result in a couch lock, but is definitely relaxing. The more I smoked it, the more spacey I felt.” 

Our staff tried out the Napalm Tahoe x Alien Kush indica dominant strain. According to them, “The packaging and feel of the hardware is on par with all of our top quality carts. It has a good weight to it and I had no issues with hardware.” The cartridge has light hints of lemon and berry. We recommend this product to anyone looking to relax and unwind after work without drifting into sleep.

If you are looking for a safe and solid cartridge with an incredible flavor experience, we recommend trying out some of the Napalm products.

Heavy Hitters

This is another brand we love because they ensure they are giving their customers the best of the best every single time. Their products are made without cutting agents and are free of harmful additives. 

Not only are the safe, they are super potent. The Heavy Hitters Ultra Premium Distillates can contain up to 95% THC. This makes these vapes extremely potent, perfect for experienced smokers looking to enjoy an intense high. 

95% might seem like a bit much, but keep in mind this isn’t every cartridge. They have a variety to choose from including: sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD. These categories break down even further with a huge variety of strain variations within each category. Whether you’re looking to just relax or set off for space, Heavy Hitters has something for you.


Kurvana vapes are known for their sleek, sexy design. They are packaged beautifully and their effects match the expectation created by their design. Kurvana is a product we want to highlight for their technological advancement. Their team is unique because they have brought on PhD’s and engineers to perfectly and meticulously craft extracts. Along with this, they put their products through rigorous third party testing to ensure that it’s the highest quality.

Like Heavy Hitters, Kurvana has a taste of everything. Their ASCND collection is the one of the most potent oils on the market. Their Originals are for those looking for a less intense high than you would get with the ASCND. They also have a CBD collection for those looking for a smoother and less impactful high.


Stiiizy is known for their vapes, they’ve built a cult following around their unique product and their ability to produce huge clouds. Stiizy knows that, while some people are trying to move away from being visible while smoking there are still a majority of smokers who don’t give a damn. These vapes are perfect for people who smoke loud and are looking for those big, pillowy clouds.They’re also great for that level, daily high that so many consumers are looking for. The Stiiizy pods come in a variety of flavors to match the unique needs of their customers.