Are you tired of hearing your kids screaming and your partner complaining about it? Have you exhausted yourself trying to grow extra arms to get everything done around the house? Do you feel underappreciated for your hard work? 

We see you. We hear you. We want to help you! Enjoy a selection of our wonderful products. Easy to hide and even easier to enjoy! Throw a few drops of tincture in your morning coffee and those screams will feel more like melodious bird chirps. Pop a mint… or two and suddenly that 8am meeting with your asshole of a boss is way more bearable. Husband making you sit through another stupid documentary about sports? Snack on some gummies! If he asks for one tell them they’re for “female problems” that’ll get him to back off!

High Brow Stoner

Looking for a more sophisticated high? Do you feel like vapes are yesterday’s news? Allow me to introduce you to the most invigorating high of your life, concentrate. This beautiful little wax will change your life with its smooth, flavorful, and euphoric high. Flowers and vapes are a thing of the past. Why smoke such a silly thing when you can have a luxurious dab rig that will wow all of your acquaintances at your next dinner gathering? Anyone who’s anyone will tell you this is the new, sophisticated way to enjoy cannabis.

Typical Stoner

Sup dudes. I’m just looking for some chill homies to, like, zone out with me. I kinda prefer passing joints, but I’m totally down for some edibles. Doesn’t matter to me. You bring the pizza, I’ve got the goods. Let’s get stoned and fuck up some people on Call of Duty.