We all know that dank, herb-like flavor that coats your mouth when smoking. Sometimes, that flavor can get old and become dry (sometimes literally). Like everything, it’s nice to have some variation in your flavor options. With that in mind, we want to highlight some of the fun, fruity flavors here at Libra.

Emerald Sky

These are some of our favorite edibles packed with fruity flavor. They are delicious and ethical! All of their products are pesticide free and they never have artificial flavor or colors. Emerald Sky works diligently to bring you the absolute best of cannabis confections. What’s even better is that they have products that will meet dietary restrictions. Their licorice is totally vegan and is currently the only cannabis licorice in the world. It doesn’t stop there! The hard fruit drops are also vegan and they’re gluten free. They also have gummies that are gluten free.

While it’s not a “fruity” flavor, it is the last one on their menu (for now), so we figured we’d throw it in. Emerald Sky has vegetarian and gluten free peanut butter cups! I can’t think of a better way to indulge.


As its name suggests, this strain is popular for its candy-like flavor. Zkittlez is an indica dominant flower that is a combination of Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and an unidentified strain making it a unique and irreproducible strain. This award winning strain is famous for its sweet, fruity flavor meant to mimic the flavor of Skittles. 

Zkittlez is an uplifting strain that leaves consumers happy, alert, and relaxed! This kind of strain is perfect to take the edge off of a tough day or just to enjoy as a pick me up.

Staff Review: Golden State Banana Preroll

We had one of our staff try out the Golden State Banana preroll and here’s what they had to say about it: 

The taste exceeded my expectations. I approach most prerolls with low expectations, but the Golden State Banana PreRoll was able to impress me with its mild, sweet, and fruity taste.

The packaging for this preroll was awesome. I could tell it was premium packaging due to its presentation. The joint was in a wood lined container with a cigar style sticker on the glass tip. Beautifully crafted and presented.

As far as the high, I would give it a 6/10 scaling from a light to a heavy high. I shared this with someone, so keep in mind that it will likely be a more potent high smoked solo. It gave me a mellow and relaxing high that left me able to function at least a little. It wasn’t a couch lock, but I wouldn’t say I could be especially productive.

I would recommend this preroll to groups of new smokers looking for a premium, smooth, and delicious preroll to share. I wouldn’t recommend this to veteran smokers that are looking for that extreme euphoric or cerebral high.” 

Come into Libra today to try one or all of our fruity favorites! Talk to one of our Budristas to find the perfect fit for you.