If you’re like us, you’re into every single gosh darned gizmo out there. Move over garlic press! I’m here for those weird spray tops that you can shove into citrus for a lemony spritz on your food. We want everything in our kitchen to look like it traveled back in time from the year 3000. Our counter space is full of all the “whosits” and “whatsits” and we have no shame. Why? Because we use all of it. Some of the stuff people come up with for kitchen gadgets seem so wild, but they work. Seriously, whoever thought of the herb stripper was a true, genuine genius.

Now, most of these things can be used in everyday cooking or your occasional fancy dinners. But, is there something out there that will make infusing cannabis into your meals a breeze? Why yes, yes there is! Granted, a lot of them are more expensive than your typical kitchen gadget. We would consider these the KitchenAid Stand Mixer of cannabis cooking. Like, if you walk into someone’s house and they have a KitchenAid… You know they’re a bad bitch. You just do. Imagine what people would think if they walked into your house and they asked about one of your kitchen gadgets and you get to say, “Oh, this little thing? It’s just my decarboxylation machine.” Hook, line, sinker. We’re sold, you’re officially the coolest, probably wealthiest, definitely weirdest person we know because we have no idea what you just said, but it sounds awesome. 

Here is a list of our top three cooking gadgets you need to upgrade your kitchen and upgrade your edibles.

  1. Decarboxylation Machine

You need this machine if you are serious about incorporating cannabis into your cooking. In order to activate the psychoactive element of cannabis, it has to go through a process called decarboxylation. Normally, the psychoactive element of cannabis is activated through lighting up a blunt, ripping a bong, or heating up a pipe. With food, you have to make sure to decarboxylate your cannabis before adding it to anything, otherwise you will feel little to no effect.

You could just stick it in the oven. However, if you want a precise heating instrument guaranteed to give you maximum potency, it’s worth investing in a machine that will do it for you. This machine is great for newbies and seasoned smokers alike. All you have to do is stick your bud in there, turn it on, and wait. The Ardent FX is a great option because it’s an all-in-one machine that makes decarboxylation easy. It has different temperature settings based on what you’ll need the cannabis for as well. 

  1. Magical Butter Machine

Cannabutter and cannaoil are staples of cooking with cannabis. However, getting them exactly right can be time consuming and tricky. We personally hate guesswork when it comes to the kitchen and prefer when everything is precise and measured, which is part of the reason we have so many gadgets laying around. The Magical Butter Machine takes the guesswork out of creating these staple ingredients. It is specifically designed to do all of the hard work of infusion for you. Think of it like a cannabis crockpot. It is super easy to use and is a great way to ensure you get a reliably consistent mix every time. 

This is a super useful tool because, contrary to its name, it can infuse basically anything. Their website boasts that it can be used to infuse herbs into pretty much anything from hand sanitizer and lotion, to oils and butter.

  1. tCheck Potency Tester

Cooking with cannabis is a tricky thing. It can be difficult to determine the exact potency of the cannabis-infused ingredient unless you are really careful. This of course can lead to some serious oopsies, like giving your sister her first cannabis cookie, handcrafted by you, and shooting her to the stars instead of just mellowing her out… oops.  

Let’s avoid the avoidable. There is an easy way to make sure you are getting the potency you want in your edibles or meals every time. The tCheck is a handy tool that gives you a precise measurement in as little as two to six minutes, depending on what you’re testing. The best part is that it all goes to your phone.

These products are definitely an investment, but in the long run, they pay for themselves. The next time you need a batch of edibles you can cook them up at home to enjoy alone, or with friends. They also give you what no dispensary can — the ability to infuse cannabis into your everyday meals, or even just a couple meals a week. Tools like these open up a whole new section of cannabis use, and we think that’s pretty exciting.