Cafecito is an incredible local coffee house in the Coachella Valley area. Cafecito takes inspiration from Chicano traditions to create truly unique and delicious drinks like their dulce de leches and hibiscus cold brew. These flavors are classic Chicano flavors that have become a favorite for all to enjoy. 

Chicano Roots

The owner of Cafecito dives deep into his Chicano roots to inspire the way he comes up with flavors and even the name of his shop, which directly translates to coffee. 

For those who may not be aware, Chicano is most commonly used to refer to natives or descendants of Mexico that live in the United States. We have our Chicano friends and families to thank for bringing us delicious Mexican flavors that have made it into these exceptional coffees.

Dulce de leches is a classic Chicano flavor that resembles caramel. Cafecito has combined this flavor with their cold brew to create a flavor similar to tres leches. This coffee is sweet, indulgent, and an instant classic.

Another Chicano influenced coffee is the hibiscus cold brew. You might be familiar with hibiscus from the popular Mexican drink, jamaica. Jamaica is made with dried hibiscus flower petals, water, and sugar. Combining this sweet, floral beverage with a strong cold brew results in a pleasantly tart, but sweet drink. 

If the Chicano classics don’t spark your fancy, Cafecito also has a traditional cold brew. Their Killa Cold Brew is a slow-drip pour over that is strong, smooth, and rich. Cold brew has risen in the ranks to become the go-to cold coffee for its strength and flavor. Enjoy the sights of Coachella Valley while sipping a dangerously delicious cold brew.

Locally Owned

Not only is a trip to Cafecito a great way to immerse yourself into some extraordinary Chicano flavors, it’s also a great way to support the local economy. Cafecito is a locally owned and operated business in the Coachella Valley with one-of-a-kind drinks and service you just can’t find anywhere else.

Giving back to your community by putting your money into local business is so important, especially right now. Pouring money into local businesses keeps the culture and life of the area strong. 

These businesses are what differentiates cities from each other, there’s nowhere else you can find Cafecito. Keeping businesses like Cafecito alive spurs the local economy and also drives tourist traffic; people like nothing more than finding local shops they wouldn’t be able to find just anywhere.

Sip and See

Drop by Cafecito today to take in some of the local flavor. The dulce de leches, hibiscus, and Killa cold brew aren’t the only drinks Cafecito has to offer. They have a whole lineup of beautiful flavors that beat out any other coffee shop you might be considering.