With the modernization and accessibility of cannabis in our society has come the growth of the edible market. For some, edibles are the go-to method of consumption because they’re easy, discrete, potent, and tasty. However, as with most food vendors, many of the items you can get at your local dispensary are not vegan. Fear not! With the legalization of cannabis, recipes have been popping up left and right for all kinds of edibles. We want to provide you with a starter guide on what you can make and where you can find instructions to do so.

Let’s start with the basics: cannabutter. Cannabutter is cannabis infused butter and it is what you will need for most of the recipes you make. This is the most popular way to get that good good into your baked goods. Typically, cannabutter is made with, you guessed it, butter! However, this can easily be made into a vegan item by substituting coconut oil, olive oil, vegan butter, or vegetable shortening. LiveKindly has a great article featuring Dolled Up Desserts that breaks down the entire process in both written and verbal form, including some advice on what they have found works best when cooking with the product.

Cannabutter is really the hardest part. Once you have that made, all you have to do is add it into recipes you find. Wake + Bake is an incredible blog for all things involving cannabis cooking. She has everything from your standard brownie or cookie, to things like ice cream, waffles, cocktails, hard candies, and so much more. Odds are, if you want it, there’s a recipe for it. The best part is that there are recipes for all kinds of dietary needs, including vegan options. Veganism can be so challenging and frustrating because it can feel like your choices have been limited and you’re doomed to forever eat leafy greens and bland foods, but that is so far from the truth! Lifestyle blogs like Wake + Bake make it easy to find phenomenal, healthy, and vegan recipes.

Let’s say you’re tired of typical edibles, mainly baked goods. That’s cool, I can’t blame you there. It can get tiring having one method of consumption and that method being sweets. I know I sound tiresome, but again I come back to my point about modernization. This is the key to the cannabis world right now! Cannabis has become so mainstream it has allowed people to get crazy creative with how they use it. While you can use cannabutter in your meal recipes as well, there is also the cannaoil option, which can be used in conjunction or in place of oil in your everyday recipes. One of the best blogs for these recipes is Hazey Kitchen. They have a recipe for everything, and I mean everything. You can find a range of sweet treats, but you can also get recipes for cannabis infused pizzas, soups, sandwiches, and burgers. While not all of their recipes are vegan, they can easily become vegan with substitutions. For example, instead of cheese using a vegan alternative like Daiya or using meat substitutes where appropriate. For a few specifically vegan recipes, no substitutions needed, check out these recipes from Leafly.

The great things about all of this is that there are no set rules. The only thing that needs to be cooked with care, caution, and precision is the cannabutter and cannaoil. Once you look over a few of the recipes, you get a feel for how much of either ingredient is recommended. I would say, try a few! Once you get used to it, get creative. Be bold, be safe, and have some fun.