This Holiday season, gift more creatively! What better way to tell your people you love them this year than some dank weed? Seriously, here are some reasons why cannabis products are the perfect gift.

  1. 2020, Enough Said

It has been a rough year on all of us, it deserves to be wrapped up with a little R&R. Cannabis is a great way to unwind and can be approached in whatever way suits you. Some of us need to just forget this whole year even happened, give that person some concentrate or a nice flower. Others are just overwhelmed and tired, give them gummies, tinctures, or some other low dose product to take the edge off. Take some time to figure out what will fill the needs of your loved ones, you know your people best! If you’re still struggling to find the perfect fit, swing into Libra and talk to a Budrista.

  1. Show Them You Care

Gift giving is all about showing people that you listen and you care, at least in my opinion. You take the whole year to figure out what your loved ones really want by listening, watching, and learning. Show- your people you care this holiday season with cannabis. If you have a friend that’s been complaining all year of back pain and ongoing headaches, consider gifting one of our medicated balms to soothe them. 

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t for the person directly. For example, I have a friend who has been incredibly worried about their dog now that she’s returned to work because it has a new issue with separation anxiety. I would consider giving her Vet CBD because I know her dog is the most important thing to her and it would bring both of them some relief going into the new year. 

Pay attention to the people around you, figure out where there are areas in their life that require a little THC.

  1. Give ‘Em An Experience

I have noticed recently that there is a huge focus on giving people experiences instead of material gifts; something they can remember and won’t end up under the bed. Why not give them both? With cannabis products, you’re not just buying the product, you’re purchasing the experience that comes with it. At Libra, we know that everyone is looking for a different experience! We like to break it down into three categories: relief, clarity, and escape. 

For relief, you may have a loved (one!) dealing with aches and pains or someone who just can’t seem to pull themselves out of the quarantine blues. Offer them some relief this holiday season with some of our best products. Micro dosing is a great way to relieve pain and boost mood, consider: gummies, smaller edibles, or CBD rich products. 

For clarity, it might be that friend that is losing focus staring at a computer screen while they’re on their umpteenth video call of the day or a family member that just had a kid and can’t tell up from down anymore. Give them what they need to regroup and focus with tinctures. We have a few good ones in store from Kurvana that are perfect for offering a little clarity and a chance to refocus. 

Now we get to the fun stuff! Escape is for those people in your life that are one of two ways: completely and utterly done with all the nonsense around them and looking to just not exist in that space for a while or just looking for a fun time. Either way, give them the gift of escape with quality flowers or concentrates. The right combination will make them forget this year even existed. Give them the experience of sitting in the living room, giggling at nothing, eating a whole sheet of Oreos. 

  1. Help Them Reset

There is nothing more important than a little selfish love. Sometimes it takes a loving nudge to get someone to slow down and take time for themselves, give them that nudge with some of our self-care related products. Give them the gift of self love this holiday season with any of our great products, including: transdermals, suppositories, bath bombs, lotions, patches, oils, and balms. 

Hopefully, we’ve brought you to the lit side for the Holidays. Here are a few suggestions we have for the perfect THC gift!

  1. Papa&Barkely 1:3 Releaf Balm
  2. High Gorgeous Coconut Vibes 
  3. Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches 
  4. Vet CBD Pet Tincture
  5. Kurvana Recovery 
  6. Prof. Snooks ACDC Tincture 
  7. Emerald Bay Extracts Bubba’s Blend 
  8. LA Kush Kushberry Cheesecake Preroll 
  9. Heavy Hitters Alien Orange Cookies Preroll
  10. Wonderbrett Grapes of Wrath
  11. Dime Bag Blue Dream
  12. Northern Emeralds Ice Cream Sundae
  13. Green Hornet Gummies
  14. AbsoluteXtracts Gummies
  15. Stoned Age Beef Jerky