1. CBD (gummies, beverages, general use) – HUB

CBD, we all know and love it! In 2021, we can expect a surge in new and exciting CBD products as brands try their hands at creating the optimal delivery method. The two biggest things to watch for on the horizon are gummies and beverages.

2. Minor cannabinoids and terpenes – HUB

As legalization for cannabis grows, so does the research. We are starting to find that  there are other minor cannabinoids and terpenes that we have been neglecting. As 2021 unrolls, follow along with us as we take a deeper look into what these minor elements of cannabis are and how they are or are going to play a role in the cannabis world. 

3. Strain specific formulas – HUB

We cannot emphasize enough how absolutely stoked we are about this. With strain specific formulas, growers are attempting to isolate experiences that users will have. The hope is that, instead of a general description of how it might make you feel, you will now be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it be relaxation, sleep, or euphoria.

4. Cannabis drinks – VIBES

These have already hit the market and become somewhat popular among cannabis consumers. They’re an easy delivery method that allows you to slowly dose overtime or just have a minimal dose that will boost your mood. In 2021, we can look forward to the diversification of these drinks as brands dip their toes into the waters (literally).

  1. Delivery methods (liposomal, nanoparticles) – HELP

While flower will always be our ride or die, cannabis consumers are looking for and experimenting with other methods of use. As we move into 2021 we are expecting to see a rise in transdermal, lipsomal, and nanoparticle use as well as the continued use of edibles.

  1. Health and wellness – HELP

It feels as though there is new information arising daily containing new claims about what THC and CBD can do for our health and wellbeing. We want to help you stay on top of all the information becoming available as well as aid you in figuring out what’s myth and fact.

  1. Home cultivation – HELP

With our unfortunate home captivations having no end in sight, cannabis users have begun trying their hands at home cultivation. Growing at home has gained some traction recently and we expect it to gain even more footing in 2021.

8. Hemp – HUB

Hemp has been used for centuries, but in 2021 we can look forward to modernizations in use as well as brands pioneering new uses. Follow along with us as we bring you the latest products and updates in the hemp world.

  1. By women for women – HERO

We are really excited about all the new women-owned brands popping up. These brands not only diversify the cannabis community, but they help to break the stigma around use by showing that it is by and for everyone!

  1. Social Equity – HERO

As surprising as it may (or may not) be, cannabis growers and brands are popping up in a variety of social movements across the nation. Some brands, like Farmer and the Felon, are directly partnering with social issues they are passionate about while others are donating or using their platforms to instigate change. In 2021, we can look forward to a continuation of cannabis pushing into the social equity sphere as more brands speak publicly about issues of social reform.