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There have been more strains than you can count for decades, and that doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Libra knows you want a consistent feeling, taste and aroma. That's why we take the time to research and provide you with the best flowers we can offer, whether you're an enthusiast that looks for the details or a casual consumer looking for a specific experience.

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There are a lot of imposters out there. With counterfeits and knockoffs running rampant in the industry, finding a reliable source for high quality cartridges is key. The laws that determine the potency and manufacturing methods are constantly changing, and so are the products you consume. The batteries, cartridges, burning mechanisms, and ingredients vary greatly and it can be hard to find the perfect pen. Our CPST certified budtenders here for you.


CBD is changing the game. Whether you're looking for an alternative to daily vitamins, or you just want the soothing aspects of hemp without the psychoactive effects, add a CBD product to your rotation and find that ultimate Balance. We carry a wide variety of daily-use products. Stop by or click below to learn more about what CBD has to offer.



With all the changes to the cannabis product and the industry, we feel a great sense of responsibility to research the products we endorse and keep our clients informed. Our promise to you is clean. simple. pure. We carry only the most premium products with the highest quality ingredients and do our best to make your experience with Libra effortless. Our staff are complete product specialists that know cannabis inside and out. We encourage you to ask us any questions you may have.

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Libra is Spanish for pound. Libra also represents balance, or equilibrium. For the company, it is the parallel between substance and harmony. In the ravenous consumer society we live in today, products are over-consumed, mislabeled and over produced. This has lead to a trend over the past decade of labeling products as “premium” “craft” “artisanal” “organic” etc. That’s no different with cannabis and the way it’s consumed. We cherish cannabis for it’s recreational and medicinal benefits and our goal as a company is to help clients find a product that restores harmony to their lives and delivers substantial flavor and potency. In a fast paced and ever changing industry, we are looking to define a standard for premium cannabis by delivering a consistent variety of high quality products and a tailored experience every step of the way. At Libra, you can trust that your Budrista will know their facts and that our staff is dedicated to finding the perfect product for you. Your satisfaction is our contact high. Libra offers a free one-on-one private cannabis consultation with one of our certified Budristas. We train all of our staff from the Trichome Institute out of Denver Colorado in CPST Certification (Cannabis Product and sales Training), which allows each Budrista to be able to ask the correct qualifying questions to uncover your cannabis needs and make knowledgeable recommendations.

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Libra is expanding! We are welcoming our 3rd location later in 2019.