2021 Top Trends

1. CBD (gummies, beverages, general use) – HUB

CBD, we all know and love it! In 2021, we can expect a surge in new and exciting CBD products as brands try their hands at creating the optimal delivery method. The two biggest things to watch for on the horizon are gummies and beverages.


Happy Holidays

Holiday Gift Guides

For the “foodie” – Holiday Cookies: Nothing is better than a tinful of gourmet cookies! Spoil you food-motivated friends and family this holiday season with a delicious assortment of specialty cookies you can only find around the holidays.


Hungry Stoner

Welcome to cooking with cannabis, a brand new section of The Modern Chronicle! Follow us on our journey to go beyond basic edibles with cool stuff like medicated meal prep as well as general how-to knowledge. Spice up your kitchen with a whole new herb.


Make it Vegan

With the modernization and accessibility of cannabis in our society has come the growth of the edible market. For some, edibles are the go-to method of consumption because they’re easy, discrete, potent, and tasty. However, as with most food vendors, many of the items you can get at your local dispensary are not vegan. Fear not!


Merry Milligrams

This Holiday season, gift more creatively! What better way to tell your people you love them this year than some dank weed? Seriously, here are some reasons why cannabis products are the perfect gift.



Stoned Age: External

Many classic edibles are super sweet and sometimes taste funky when the flavor of the flower comes through. They also tend to be really strong, which means you can usually only have one at a time, unless you have crazy high tolerance. Enter stage left, Stoned Age Beef Jerky Links.


Utopia: External

Stuck in a rut because your blunts, vapes, or edibles aren’t doing it for you anymore? Sometimes, being a stoner is hard! The more frequently you use, the higher your tolerance becomes. It can be so frustrating to smoke and smoke, eat and eat, and nothing happens. 



Supporting Our Community

Now more than ever, we think that it’s vital that we support the minority-owned businesses in our community. We want to highlight some of the amazing businesses in Coachella Valley that are owned and operated by the black and Latinx communities. We hope that in doing so, we can help bolster their business and bring attention to some incredible businesses.



Gadgets for the Stoner Chef

If you’re like us, you’re into every single gosh darned gizmo out there. Move over garlic press! I’m here for those weird spray tops that you can shove into citrus for a lemony spritz on your food. We want everything in our kitchen to look like it traveled back in time from the year 3000. Our counter space is full of all the “whosits” and “whatsits” and we have no shame. Why? Because we use all of it. Some of the stuff people come up with for kitchen gadgets seem so wild, but they work. Seriously, whoever thought of the herb stripper was a true, genuine genius.



Stoner Stereotypes


Are you tired of hearing your kids screaming and your partner complaining about it? Have you exhausted yourself trying to grow extra arms to get everything done around the house? Do you feel underappreciated for your hard work?


Fruity Fruity

We all know that dank, herb-like flavor that coats your mouth when smoking. Sometimes, that flavor can get old and become dry (sometimes literally). Like everything, it’s nice to have some variation in your flavor options. With that in mind, we want to highlight some of the fun, fruity flavors here at Libra.


Do You Even Vape, Bro?

With the modernization of cannabisvaping is becoming the new fan favorite. Vape pens are discrete, portable, and customizable. They also provide a way to carry a variety of strains and flavors with you because the cartridges are small. Cartridges take out the mess and hassle of grinding and packing flowers without losing the flavor and potency.


10 Places to Visit in Coachella Valley

Of course when you think of Coachella Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is Coachella Music Festival, but the Valley is so much more than that. Coachella Valley has a variety of amazing things to do and see, which we couldn’t possibly list all of them, so we settled for ten.


Cold Brew & Cannabis

Generally speaking, when I think of coffee and cannabis I think of two entirely different effects. Coffee is uplifting and energizing, while cannabis tends to be sedating. What if I told you that mixing them actually enhanced your high?


Cannabis on my Face

Sure, we all know that cannabis can do wonders for our mental well-being and research is in the early stages of figuring out the real medicinal impact it can have. But, did you know that cannabis is making its way into the skincare world? It is and you should totally check it out. We’ll walk you through the benefits of this type of skin care and different product options at drug store and luxury prices.


Stiiizy is Liiit

If you smoke Stiiizy vapes, you probably already know about their new line of Liiit flowers. We’ve been selling Stiiizy vapes for awhile now, and so many of you love them. It only made sense to get Liiit too.


Are THC Based Intimacy Products the Way of the Future?

Orgasms. Specifically, female orgasms. For reasons beyond my comprehension, this subject matter has been pushed into the shadows, shuttered up with boards, and nailed in for good measure. Whenever the conversation comes up, it usually gets shut down just as quickly. 


The Excellence of the Pax 3

Vaping seems to be much more than a trend, and has become many consumer’s preferred method of smoking. There are two different avenues to accomplish this, vaporizers and vape pens. One of our favorite products is the Pax 3, a compact vaporizer from Pax. This component is sleek, portable, and discrete. 


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